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Wife | Mother | Planner | Producer | Strategist | Creative | Optimist

I pride myself on being professional, organized, an effective communicator, creative, and diligently focused. In every interaction, my goal is to achieve mutual trust and respect. I believe it is important to create deep connections and strengthen relationships, as they are the foundation for partnering and collaborating in all facets of life and business.

I approach every opportunity, or challenge, with the same attention to detail, the ability to thrive under pressure, and with a focus on curating an exceptional experience for others. Placing tremendous importance in the act of showing kindness, I strive to instill a sense of confidence and calm for those around me.

With nearly 20 years in event, corporate, and small business management, I prioritize personal and professional growth as a cornerstone for success. Finding great joy in embracing any opportunity to help others, I actively support the continual development, professionalism, and skill enhancement of others, as a co-facilitator of the Be Better Platform, a North Bay Networking group, and through industry advocacy, and speaking engagements.


Samantha Paull

Planner | Producer | Strategist

Team and network are my most valuable resource

Creating each experience takes a supportive team:


Family cheering on my goals and dreams...

and often participate in prep and day of assistance with events.

Reliable, professional partners who make up the pre-planning and day of "friendor" team.

Network of knowledgable professionals to refer to and source exceptional service from.

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